An open letter to our Russian friend Wladimir Putin

Dear Mr. Putin

I am really concerned about the current escalating situation at the Russian borders. Even if there is the European Soccer Cup right now and the western media is not publishing anything about the NATO military aggression led by the USA the situation is getting tense. Since the US have been the main aggressor on this planet entering the old continent in the first world war nothing really changed about their foreign policy. Share and reign.

The annexation of the Baltic into the NATO, the financed take over of Ukraine which is in fact Russian soil for centuries and the oil price dumbing connected with the sanctions to harm Russian economy and people, are only some offences against Russian pride. I imagine that most people in Germany are not aware of these facts but I also believe that people begin to understand that the US came to us in 1944 not as friends and liberators but as conquerers and businessmen. They did not care about human life since they cant treat blacks and whites in their own country equal even 70 years after the war has ended.

The relation between Germany and Russia has its own special history with great times sharing the same royal bloodline but also apocalyptical conflicts. Those conflicts has been never fought on US soil but German and Russian Cities had been erased from the ground instead.

I was very impressed when the news appeared in my timeline that you have been visiting the German school in Moscow to demonstrate that a peaceful future is the goal Germany and Russia both should aim for.

The most German people are neither interested in a conflict with Russia nor being forced to give away our country for our “friends” military bases. Having the choice I would prefer to have a neutral Russian neighbour sharing trade interests with instead of an American false friend who is luring us into a conflict for his own profit.