Euro 2016! I tried to join the club of elitist soccer experts!

Hello out there! The Euro 2016 started in France and ignoring all those economical and social problems this country actually faces gives us the biggest soccer event in Europe. So basically the highly paid world soccer elite kicks a ball earning many millions while people are burning cars in the streets. Viva la France! Seriously if I would be green or left oriented I would suggest something is going wrong on this planet but since I really like our Capitalism its Viva la Euro 2016! Was this actually correct French?! Whatever!

Nowadays everybody is a soccer expert so I joined the club making some suggestions who is going to win the Euro. Unfortunately I screenshot the results in German and I don’t what to retake it since this might influence my decision making. But I think you can still deal with the colorful flags in the screenshots.

Group AGruppeA KopieI believe France will advance with Switzerland since France has the advantage playing at home and Switzerland will beat Romania in a direct fight winning 2:0.

Group BGruppeB KopieGroup B will be dominated by Russia and England since both teams seem to be stronger than Wales and Slovakia. Even though most people think that England will advance first I believe that Russia will end up front with a slight advantage on goals.

Group C

GruppeC Kopie

This might actually look really German lol but I believe that we will dominate the Group stage. Even though the game versus Poland might be tough. The second spot will be obtained be Poland having a better goal difference than Ukraine. Didn’t even know that Northern Ireland has a soccer team sorry though.

Group D

GruppeD Kopie

Group D is my favorite group. All those teams are on a good level and in fact the result might be more surprising than the actual potential this group has. Croatia and Spain advancing both with 7 points only leaving 1 point each for place three and four. I believe this group will have the most tense matches even though the result will be quite evident.

Group E

GruppeE Kopie

I did some research and Belgium has at the moment the highest soccer ranking worldwide? This is strange but still impressive. Nevertheless Italy will finish first with a Swedish surprise. Zlatan had such a good season I believe he will be decisive in the game versus Belgium where Sweden will win in a close match 1:0.

Group F

GruppeF Kopie

This Euro has some political meaningful groups also there is some historical background here with Austria and Hungary. Portugal should dominate the group stage with an awesome Quaresma and a Ronaldo winning the CL with Real. Austria and Hungary will draw in a fierce fight and Austria will advance 2nd due to one goal more shot than Hungary.

Last 16

8 Kopie

First Euro with 6 groups and a round of last 16 but what ever I guess Fifa directors need more money. Boats and cars are not becoming any cheaper so there need be an extra round to finance it. In my opinion a dumb idea since there are not as many competitive european soccer countries so 16 teams for the whole tournament were enough. Because of this some of the group stage games will be really boring since the skill gap between some nations is for the qualification and not for the tournament itself. I guess that actually more teams play in the tournament than did not qualify lol.

Back to topic! I think Poland will beat Switzerland and advance to the Quarterfinals as well as Germany. The Quarterfinal will definitely be Italy versus Spain where Italy will loose by one goal. Another tense game will be Ukraine versus Russia if we just think about the political situation in eastern Europe. Not accusing Putin of anything. Fuck you US Propaganda!

Last 8 


Bye Bye World Champions! Unfortunately I think we will loose to Spain and not advance into the Semifinals since I still believe that we had a better team two years ago. We are missing Reus and Lahm and this might be crucial for such an opponent. France will beat England still on the home hype and Ukraine and Poland will finally end their good tournament so far versus Croatia and Portugal.



Here we go! Croatia might become the great surprise of this Euro. They had a good team a few years ago and I believe that they will advance into the Finals! France will beat Spain and definitely eliminate one big favorite for the Championship.



Finally France will win the cup as they did in 1998 versus Brazil with a great team around Zidane!

So this is it the Euro 2016 looking forward to see on the 10th of July who will actually win and how good my suggestions had been in the end. If there are more than 50% right guesses it wasn’t that bad. What do you think about my forecast? Who is going to win? Feel free to comment.