Experience is the teacher of all things. Julius Caesar

I have read the press after the Brexit and I would like to comment on one topic which is really bothering me in this short paragraph since I don’t have a lot of time today. The “young” people are complaining that the “old” generation has destroyed their future in Europe being a big portion of voters for the Brexit. This kind of behaviour is an ignorant attribute of our western society. If you take a look towards the far east the old people had always the highest social rank through their knowledge and experience. I understand the point that old people and their importance for our survival as a race mind diminish with the amount of information we can preserve through the digital revolution. But I still believe that written knowledge you are able to obtain through reading varies in a significant way from made life experience. Therefore more respect towards this group and their opinion about Britain and the EU should be applied because we as a very young and not mature generation have neither experienced what those people did nor do we have the horizon to understand and evaluate their decision. They had their reasons and you don’t know yet if their decision might have just saved you from structural poverty, corporate dictatorship or civil war. I am not saying that everything my mother or granddad told me was right since times and circumstances change but you should think and try to understand their point of view because even Julius Caesar knew that “experience is considered as the teacher of all things.”