“History is always written by the winners”

Today I want to share some insights which are generally not the topic of this page and blog at all.. but this is my website so yeah who cares? I mean interesting stuff is interesting! I am always very careful about what people tell considering facts I haven’t seen on my own.

So basically my whole history lessons in school where like “yeah okay fine but how do we know this is right or not if there is only one source or even worse just a snippet of a source”. This way telling history or content in general is an easy way to create and form opinions in the own interest instead of taking a meta perspective, understanding the whole big picture and the driving forces behind it.

So since my early years I was very inquisitive about many topics and I found (thank you guys for inventing the internet lol) a shady block of information which kind of draws a totally different picture about society, history, science as we know it. This is actually really crazy since many of those information are in such a contrast to the mainstream that its almost a parallel universe or world or something. I mean I am not saying that you should believe everything you find just because its a rebellious anti mainstream expression.

I just believe that being an adult means drawing conclusions on all the material you are able to obtain and not just repeating popular opinions by so called industry-, science- or history- “experts lol”. Because there is a slight chance if you stop using your brain that those people are fooling, cheating, controlling you for their own interests or they just don’t know better believing their story and you don’t even scrutinize it. I am not telling you that I am right because maybe I am wrong and I don’t even know it. I just want you to figure out what you believe is true, rethinking common concepts, trying to see the big picture instead of fighting over details and repeating other opinions.


“By the way haven’t read especially his book on this topic yet but it looks really well researched and its definitely going on my to read list https://www.amazon.de/1939-Krieg-Anlauf-Zweiten-Weltkrieg/dp/3957681707/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8