Keep Calm and Brexit!

#Brexit is haunting through all my social media channels for weeks now and today is finally the decisive ground zero for Europe. At least this is what the newspapers are telling us. I have done some research on my own reading commentaries and forecasts about jobs, social life and Europe as a whole and what will happen to us after this ominous ground zero. The most annoying thing I found are the discrepancies in the end results combined with the absolutely convenience those “experts” are talking with. I mean one report says there will be 100.000 Jobs cut in the City in London. Another report draws the conclusion that there will be 200.000 Jobs created after the Brexit. To be honest those “experts” should just admit that actually nobody knows what will happen to Britain. One thing is certain. Britain will not end tomorrow just because they leave the EU.

From my point of view I do understand the British citizens with their attitude towards the bureaucratic and petrified Behemoth called EU. Decisions made in Brussels are imposed into the national councils where they need to be enforced independently if its common sense for the population or not. The most impeding is the fact that those decision makers in Brussel are not accountable for their decisions. Summing this up the foundation idea of the EU was great but in reality we are living on a continent which is led by supernational committees which are financed by corporations to enforce their interests. People everywhere in Europe begin to realise it and therefore Britain might be just the onset for a row of referendums.

To be honest Britain never really belonged to Europe since they always had their own minor or bigger regulations not accepting  the Euro. In fact this is totally fine since each government should represent the interests of their citizens. The Euro is a failed construction for such a heterogeneous continent as Europe is and therefore the whole governmental machinery in Brussels is. As smart as the Brits were not joining the Euro they are leaving a sinking ship before it will be too late. The central bank is not only keeping dead countries as Greece alive but also started financing companies buying their bonds. So there are in fact many good reasons why Britain should leave this whole construct in their own interest.

The consequences for the EU will not financially endanger the construct because of the different currencies which would have been totally different in case the Brits would have the Euro. Under this circumstances I believe that there would be no way out forced by Brussels since this would be the end of Europe as we know it today. So we are facing a more prestige damaging incident right now which might lead as a blueprint for other nations who have the Euro and this might actually cause real trouble for Merkel and her Masters in Brussels.

In my opinion the consequences in the short run might of course be a weaker Pound due to uncertainties in the markets for investors. But in the long run the British economy will profit based on the following facts. The British economy is divided into two important sectors their automobiles which are remains of Thatchers politics and of course the far more present financial sector which is the heart of the British industry. As we know Money knows neither a language nor patriotism and therefore it will always go there where the best possibilities for prosperity are. Taking this under consideration London might become even more lucrative for several financial services if they are not bound anymore to European law. This is also why I believe that the theory considering Paris and Frankfurt as growing financial hubs is totally retarded. They might of course grow for the continental interests but not really noticeable in the grand scheme of international finance. After contracts and agreements are once established Britain will become just a country like Switzerland. They will be totally fine integrated into the economical relationships just not forced to follow foreign rules. We do not need Brussels to have a peaceful Europe in 20xx!

As the world ended already innumerable times! Keep calm and Brexit.

See you tomorrow for sure!