Pokemon! The Hype is real!

Hey whats up guys, the world is ending once again and I should probably focus on topics like France, Russia or Turkey these days but I am really sick to commit to so much negativity which is happening all around the world. This is the reason why I would like to share my new ten out of ten hobby. You see it coming… of course, its PokemonGO! To be totally honest I didn’t even know about this game till it was released. And still I wasn’t very excited about it until I have downloaded it on my iPhone. Its known that people like to collect things and Pokemon is just one of many possible ways to satisfy this human needs but this game is for me so much more. I was around 8/9 when Pokemon hit the TV screens in Germany and it was the first commercial wave I lived through and my parents paid for. Pokemon were not only present on the TV screen but suddenly my lunchbox, my clothes and my schoolbag became covered with Charizards and Bulbasaurs. To be honest I never liked Pikachu. But the actually cherry on the big Pokemon cupcake was the Pokemon Gameboy game. I spent all my money I was collecting for weeks to buy it! And than I was holding it in my hands, the blue Pokemon edition with the mighty Blastoise on the cover. I couldn’t wait to get back home from the shop and launch the game. I had a red Gameboy Pocket and in fact the blue edition was a color-blocking disaster before it was even invented by the fashion industry but I was there I could travel as a Pokemon trainer through Kanto catching them all and becoming the very best!

I am really surprised how such a simple game mechanic can be so joyful. I mean I was involved in strategical terms so much more in the Gameboy games especially when you started with Charmander facing stone and water Pokemon as your first two badges you needed to earn. This was what WoW players would call heroic mode today. So I still hope there will be added some depth into the game considering more attacks, rare items to evolve Pokemon and of course arenas spread all over the world to collect those badges. I am at the very beginning right now so catching a Pokemon I have not seen before is still an achievement but I could imagine that it might become boring once you caught the standard 150 and even the later expansions might be not enough to keep the game running if the only content will be more Pokemon.

To end this article I would like to show you my dream squad I was playing with since I was never a big fan of those standard TV show Pokemon neither I was a fan of all those legendary birds. I will let you know how long it will take of casual PokemonGO playing time to complete this six headed team.

simsala#1 Alkazam

My favourite type was by far the psy Pokemon and of course Alkazam was the beast after you found somebody to swap Kadabra with. It was strong and not common while my friends where always fighting with some of their evolved starter Pokemon paired with Mewtwo and rounded up with some legendaries. So Alkazam was always a big surprise and had an awesome coolness factor. Its probably still one of my favourite Pokemon even if Abra was such a fail.



Gengar#2 Gengar

Another absolute badass guy is Gengar. He is the counterpart to Alkazam but being a ghost instead of the psy type. He was also only obtainable by swapping Haunter using the Gamelink cable with a friend. I can also remember that he was a part of one TV episode but in fact he was pretty unique and similar to Alkazam my friends made always greedy eyes when they had to face him in a Gamelink fights.




rasaff#3 Primeape

Not as spectacular as those two guys above but at least my favourite fight type Pokemon, Primeape was so much cooler than Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee since he was only obtainable on the red edition and had this super cool enraging character in the TV Series. He usually went off beating Ash up and besides that his appearance with the pig nose and this training chains is super awesome. He wasn’t that effective in a competitive way but still a must have for my top six since he was a surprise and I believe fight Pokemon were not that popular.




Glurak#4 Charizard

Every young Pokemon Trainer had the choice and I believe the hardcore guys always picked Charmander and there was never a way for me picking anything else. Later on we figured out a way to start the game with all the three starter Pokemon but Charizard was the flame throwing dragon who was ignoring and burning Ash almost every single episode. While Bulbasaur already peaks the coolness factor in the first form, Charizard instead has an awesome appearance in all three forms and is therefore the Pokemon I spent most time playing with.


quappo#5 Poliwrath

Having a good balance in your six member team was all about the type setup you were using. Usually a water Pokemon was a common part of it. The Squirtel fans will say that Blastoise was the way to go. Since I was a big Charizard fanboy I had no instant access to it and to be honest Blastoise is cooler than Vensaur but still the basic Squirtel form nails it. My second choice would be Totodile but we are still in Vanilla Pokemon so there was no access to Johto. I was thinking about it and than it hit me. The probably coolest Vanilla water Pokemon. Poliwrath! He was a water and fight type who could use psy attacks. This guy was just awesome. Only real Pokemon nerds will remember that the spiral on his stomach is turning in the opposite way than Poliwags which was his first form. To evolve him you needed to sacrifice a water stone which wasn’t that common back in the days.


elektek#6 Electabuzz

Last but not least is Electabuzz. I know that it was pretty boring in Vanilla but due to his absence in the blue edition he felt special to me and I never had any sympathy for Pikachu. On top of that he was decent in fights even though there were no special lore or gameplay features until they patched Elekid with the Jotho expansion.